Ampeg B-15na schematic B-12na portaflex

 Ampeg B-15na Schematic B-12na

While borrowing a friends Ampeg B-15 portaflex, it started to cut out and the output tubes (6L6’s) had the lovely blue arc. It’s time to fix her up. I have my suspicions on what is wrong with her, but that is another post. Anyways I take her apart and low and behold she’s a 1963 B-15na. With a B-15nb cabinet. Hrm do a quick google search… They only made them for one year and instead of a tube rectifier it’s solid state. Here is the complete schematic – taken from the inside of the amp. Later posts will be her repair.


Schematic of Ampeg B-15na B-12na

Schematic of Ampeg B-15na B-12na

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